What are Code Snippets?

Code snippets are code blocks you can share and reuse yourself. By defining reusable code blocks you can import in your IDE, you not only improve your productivity but you also make sure you always import the correct code and are not missing anything (e.g. missing argument, not checking error code or exceptions).

what are code snippets
what are code snippets

Why Code Snippets are important?

why code snippets are important

When using code snippets for yourself, you make sure you define code once and reuse it correctly in other codebases. It guarantees you are not missing an argument or an error case.

When sharing code snippets in a team, it ensures that the team is using the same code consistently. By having a library of code snippets shared with your team, you ensure that your team is always using safe, vetted code patterns in all your code base.

How to share a snippet?

how to share a snippet

It depends on your developer environment each development environment has its specificity. VS Code and JetBrains allow you to define code snippets you can reuse on your local computer but not share with your team. GitHub allows you to define gist but there is no way to share them with your team across IDE.

You can share a code snippet on Codiga in a single click in VS Code, JetBrains product or Google chrome. You can read more about the Codiga snippet manager in the tool section.

How to use a snippet in your IDE?

how to use a snippet in your IDE

As for sharing, it all depend on the editor. VS Code lets you type an abbreviation to reuse a code snippet andJetBrains live template lets you reuse code blocks in their IDE. Codiga snippets manager lets you search and import code snippets using their Coding Assistant function that is triggered using + SHIFT + C on VS Code or + ALT + C in JetBrains. You can learn more about the Codiga snippet manager in the tool section.

What are the best tools to use and manage code snippets?

code snippets tools
code snippets tools

There are plenty of tools available to share code snippets! Check out our tools section to see all available tools!